Who We Are

At Blakeney Financial Group, we are a group of like-minded, independent advisors who are wholly dedicated to building financial and retirement plans that benefit clients’ lives.

As independent advisors, we maintain a fiduciary focus. We are committed to giving financial advice that’s grounded in the most up-to-date research for our clients’ benefit. Without obligations or incentives from any bank, investment company or insurance company that could create a conflict of interest, we are free to offer investment options that match clients’ needs. Our networking framework allows us the flexibility to craft investments tailored for clients, and our collaboration with team members at Davis Williams Wealth Management provides support in technology, research, operations and compliance.

Clients have many choices when deciding who to trust with their investment advice, so we are pleased to work within a framework that allows us to have access to virtually any investment platform—we have the freedom to represent a vast array of companies to help find a proper fit for your financial circumstances. Over the year, our mission has been to help peopled work toward their dreams through financial planning. Our results speak for themselves.

While our office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we serve clients nationwide. Most of our clients are limited in a valuable commodity—time—so our technology allows us to help clients organize their financial lives, regardless of location. We meet with clients in the manner that best fits their circumstances and time constraints.

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